An international conference on technical, physical and psychosocial safety within the circus sector

Throughout their careers, circus practitioners transition from one role to another. They navigate both informal and formal scenarios, taking up positions as educators, artists, or organisers; creating or performing, both on stage and behind the scenes. Ensuring safety in these transitions is crucial. How can we provide a safe environment and take care of ourselves and others?

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CIRCUSCENTRUM is the sector organisation for the Flemish circus arts. Circuscentrum works on practical support and development for the sector, image and promotion of the circus arts, and assumes a platform function. Through, among other things, tailored advice, consultation opportunities, training and further education, international presence and publications such as the quarterly Circusmagazine, Circuscentrum provides a solid foundation on which the sector can continue to build.

MAD Festival

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MAD FESTIVAL is a new Antwerp circus platform. MAD offers residencies and master classes and supports emerging circus companies and artists, culminating in an annual four-day festival, linked to an international convention. Activities and public moments during the year give an insight and a taste of what grows and develops in the womb of MAD. MAD dares and surprises. MAD in Antwerp. MAD about circus.

Ell Circo D'ell Fuego

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ELL CIRCO D’ELL FUEGO (ECDF) is a haven for circus entrepreneurs. It connects children, teenagers and adults to circus. In doing so, it focuses on maximising discovery, development and entrepreneurship.

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FEDEC is an international network for professional circus education aiming at supporting the development and evolution of training, teaching and creation in the sector. Its members are professional circus arts training institutions (secondary, vocational, preparatory and higher education) but also national associations, unions, circus hubs or festivals related to circus arts training and education.


Circo Strada

CIRCOSTRADA is the European Network for contemporary circus and outdoor arts. Created in 2003 with the core mission of furthering the development, empowerment and recognition of these fields at European and international levels, over the years the network has become an important anchoring point for its members and a key interlocutor in the dialogue with cultural policy makers across Europe.

European Youth Circus Organisation (EYCO)


EYCO's mission is to champion and elevate the vibrant world of youth circus by fostering cooperation among its member organisations. Together, we work to promote, nurture, and advance the circus arts among the youth of our continent.  With a shared commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and responsible circus practices, EYCO is a driving force in ensuring that the circus arts continue to thrive in Europe.

Caravan Circus Network


CARAVAN is an international youth and social circus network of circus schools from across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, America and Asia, that advocates for the positive impact of youth and social circus. The network was established in 2008 by 7 European circus schools, with a common goal to use social circus as an educational tool and to dedicate this work to groups from disadvantaged backgrounds with specific needs.

National Lottery

The National Lottery is a proud partner in making ‘Circus - a safe(r) space for danger’ happen. Their support not only enhances the vibrancy of this event but also underscores the importance of safety in the circus arts.

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